Future Uncertain for Creston Patients, Doctor As Decades-Old Practice Closes

CRESTON, Iowa  --  A doctor who served patients in Creston for nearly 30 years will close his practice at the end of this month, which is raising concerns regarding where his patients will go for medical care.

Dr. Tom Young says Greater Regional Medical Center sent him a termination of lease notice, but the hospital says Dr. Young chose not to accept a fair market value contract and/or new retail space that was presented. With both sides unable to reach an agreement, patients who went to the private practice will soon be forced to go elsewhere.

Patients were only given a one-month notice of the closure, and the doctor says the abrupt announcement is emotionally difficult.

"One of the things about internal medicine and solo practice is that you get to know your patients really well, and there's more than just a doctor/patient relationship, there's a personal relationship, and you know about their families, you know about their work, you know about their lives. And so that's a very difficult thing to lose," said Dr. Young.

The hospital says it wishes Dr. Young and his staff the best. Dr. Young says he's reviewing different options now and is unsure what the future holds for him.