High School Student Spinning the Oldies from His Own Radio Station

DES MOINES, Iowa- Little did Bill Gatchel realize, when he took a weekend part-time radio job, that would serve to light a fire for radio with his son Joey.

In May of 2017 Joey Gatchel, now 17 launched KWPO an online 24/7 oldies radio station. He has just completed one full year of running his own online radio station.

Joey caught the radio bug from his Dad, while he worked weekends at a radio station.

“I got the passion because I was sitting in the studio with him,” said Joey. ”Like all this stuff is cool, you get to touch a bunch of stuff, I’ve always been very hands on.”

“Little did I know he was taking all these mental notes, he was nine or ten years old,” said Bill Gatchel, Joey’s Dad.

The younger Gatchel learned that it was possible for him to set up his own station. He works at Fareway, when he’s not doing homeschool, or attending classes at North High. He earned the funds to buy a computer, the only major expense to setting up KWPO.

He was able to download software, and use a free online radio station program, that even offers up a KWPO ap for smartphones.

Joey announces the songs, offering background on the artists, and when the albums came out. He sounds like he may have lived through decades before he was born.

“I research all the songs, find out what album they’re from, and the year,” said Joey. “I research that online, it’s almost pretty much rip and read.”

People wanting to hear KWPO can do so through the website.