12 Iowa Schools Registered for Walk and Bike to School Day

URBANDALE, Iowa – Over 2,500 schools across the state plan to walk and bike to school Wednesday.

The national event aims to bring communities together. There are 12 schools in Iowa registered to bike and walk through the national organization.

Principal Elyse Brimeyer of Urbandale's Olmsted Elementary said the school has participated the last four years, but due to scheduling has moved their walk and bike to school day to May 18th.

Parents, teachers and students bike or walk to school on two different routes and use the elementary school as the meeting point.

“We also have students arrive who just got a bike two days before. A couple years ago, we had a five or six-year-old, who is really biking for the first times ever, and we helped her get all the way from our starting location all the way into school with training wheels,” Brimeyer said.

One route begins on Douglas Avenue while the other starts at Townsend Avenue.

Helmets are required at Olmsted Elementary for the event. If a student does not have one, or forgets the school has a back-up plan.

“Not all students have one readily available or even the morning of. With the flurry of getting out of the door it’s sometimes an accident that they forget it at home the morning of. So, we are going to have helmets here on site at Olmsted,” Brimeyer said.

Brimeyer said the Urbandale police also plans to donate extra helmets.

In addition, drinks and snacks will be provided to the students when he or she arrives to school.

Parents need to register their child’s bike with the Urbandale Police using a card that was provided by the school.