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Iowa Farmers Preparing for Fall Corn Maze

IOWA  --  Spring planting season may have arrived, but some Iowa farms are already looking forward to this fall.

Iowa's corn fields are typically planted in uniform rows, but there's a bit more strategy to the seeding at a farm in Long Grove. The last day of planting means putting in the corn maze. Designing the maze has been a family activity for over 15 years, each with a special meaning.

"Local Food Rocks in 2012, Fareway stores in '13, the CyHawk trophy in '14, United We Stand '15, Culver's Thank You Farmers '16, and then last year's was P&K Midwest."

"One of the exciting things about this tech is it gives me the opportunity to have that maze design from the day the corn comes
out of the ground," said a farmer working on the project.

Another added, "We've never done the map like this that it should come out without cutting it up. If it does that, it'll be amazing to me."

The corn is expected to start sprouting in about 10 days. From there, the farmers will start seeing the maze design and will be able to make any necessary adjustments.