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Emotional Reunion of Family Caught on Camera, Days After Immigration Raid

MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa -- About 100 people gathered at the First Presbyterian Church Wednesday Night. The focus was on how the community can help the families of those taken into custody last week. Speakers said volunteers have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to post bond for the workers. Immigration lawyers have also volunteered their time and expertise to represent the men, all pro-bono. They hope to see more reunions like the one 15 year-old Oscar Lopez and his siblings experienced with their father on Monday. The joyous reunion was captured on camera.

"It felt good being back with my dad after being five days without him and it felt like forever," said Lopez. "It felt like months maybe , maybe even years. I've never gone that long without seeing my Dad or anything. But, it was a great experience being back with him."

During the meeting, which Lopez and his family attended, community leaders also put out the call for volunteers to help with transportation and bilingual needs, as they try to work with the impacted families and help them while their loved ones remain in custody.