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Escapee Gives Story City Family Real Scare Before Being Captured

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STORY CITY, Iowa -- "We moved away from California to get away from stuff like this," said Melissa Apodaca. "But, stuff like this showed up in Apodaca's backyard Thursday afternoon, even at her porch, at the apartments on the 1400 block of Prairie Drive. "My son woke me up and we were just all just scared."

"I was doing homework and I looked out the window and I saw this guy running from the field, by the church," said Elias Apodaca, Melissa's son. "And ran up wondering why he was running and saw about four cops chasing him."

Elias provided WHO-TV Channel 13 News with photos that show authorities on scene just after the escapee was captured. But before the capture, when the escapee was on the loose, the Apodacas didn't know what was going to happen. They got an up close look at all of the drama as it happened, just feet away from their home.

"He came over here tried to take the bike and tried to take it away," said Elias.

That's right, the Apodacas say the escapee tried to get away on their bicycle, which they had left out by their back porch.

"I saw this man just get tackled like right over here," said Melissa. "And, I saw the bike on the ground."

"He didn't get far at all," said Elias. "He got on the bike and then the cops tackled him."

The Story County Sheriff's Office has identified the escapee as 18-year old Bernard Henry Watley. He's charged with disarming or attempt to disarm police, escape from custody, interference with official acts, theft, and harassment.

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