Urbandale Roads See Construction Season in Full Swing

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URBANDALE, Iowa  --  Construction season is in full swing and several roads around the metro are getting a much-needed facelift. One of the biggest projects is 86th Street in Urbandale.

City officials say it's a project they would have loved to have started years ago, but until recently didn't have the funding.

“It's about a $5 million project to go from Hickman all the way to the interstate,” said Director of Engineering and Public Works David McKay.

Repairing the road and then resurfacing it is being done in two parts. This summer, the city is tackling the section from Aurora Avenue to the interstate, and Aurora to Hickman in 2019.

“By July 4th, everything will be clear and open for traffic, because right now we have close to about 30,000 vehicles on 86th Street, and closing down lanes is tough,” said McKay.

The city is also fixing the sidewalk ramps along 86th to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All the construction has brought noise to surrounding neighborhoods, but residents say the city has done a decent job at managing it.

“They're not starting crazy early in the morning and they're not doing stuff late at night, we've had our windows open and it really hasn't bothered us much. There was one day they were jack-hammering, but it was like the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn't troublesome,” said Katie Deschepper.

Deschepper says although construction has made turning left onto 86th more of a struggle, it will be well worth it when the construction is finished.

“It's nice to see them putting the time and effort into fixing the stuff up so the roads stay in better shape,” she said.

Meanwhile, Urbandale is wrapping up another project: the 100th Street bridge. The bridge is open, but the interchange ramps are expected to be finished at the end of July.

“That'll be one of the longest projects we've been working on here in Urbandale finally coming to fruition, and I think the exciting part is what that'll do to the business community around there,” said McKay.

In addition to the road projects, the city is also in the midst of a $900,000 beautification project.

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