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Ankeny Brothers Back from Grueling South American Charity Ride

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ANKENY, Iowa -- Eleven countries, over the course of five and half months, paired with a couple of near death experiences it safe to say the Naylor brothers are glad to be back home.

"There were some pretty poor times that you were ready to go home but there were also some experience that made the trip what it was," says Seth Naylor.

Naylor and his older brother Ross left from Ankeny for Agentina on motorcycles last November. They hoped to raise $20,000 for an organization that builds schools in third world countries. The journey was eye opening and offered them a different perspective into polarizing issues like immigration and deportation.

"There were a couple times that we ran into people that had that happen and they are looking for answer. They want you to give them the reason why and how could that possibly happen and you cant really do much for them," Seth says.

However, they never made it to Argentina. Their trip was cut short, ending in Peru. Motorcycle breakdowns and repairs became too costly. The $13,500 they were able to raise helped to complete a school in Uganda.

Now, that the brothers are back home they are living minimal lives out of their camper. It's a lifestyle they say they learned to appreciate after seeing others who have so little.

"Living in a camper and living on a motorcycle, all that goes to your personal gain so I think I'm going do this for a couple more years."

The brothers left their bikes in Peru. They have goals of raising enough money to go back to Peru by next February to finish the ride.

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