Little Girl Fighting For Life Helps Others

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GREENE COUNTY, Iowa  —  A four-year-old girl in the middle of her own fight with cancer is helping other kids in their battles as well.

Avril Shahan of Jefferson, Iowa was  diagnosed with B cell leukemia Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia on August 28th, 2017.

One in four children who are fighting cancer will lose their lives to the disease.  Avril recently lost one of her friends.

“She was the one in four and didn`t win her battle,” Tabeth Shahan, Avril’s mom, said. “It was hard to explain that to her because I knew she was going to continue to ask”.

Avril gets chemotherapy at least once a week.  Those sessions can last up to six hours.  A port above Avril’s heart sends potentially lifesaving chemotherapy through her body.  Tabetha says easy access to Avril’s port makes those hours bearable.

“They are called chemo shirts, all they have to do is unzip to do the port access, Shahan said. “Rather than take off a shirt or not have to wear a shirt sometimes, it depends. Nurses won’t have to wake her up to try to find it, they know it’s right there”.

Avril and family are trying to raise enough money to gift 600 shirts to Blank Children Hospital.

“We want to give back to our cancer family, all the nurses love these shirts and all the kids say that’s really cool when they see Avril and, we want to give them an opportunity to have a shirt like this without a financial burden to their parents,” Shahan said.

Avril hopes to help more than a hundred patients who like her, receive treatment each week.

Avril needs to raise $12,000 by next month.

Click here if you’d like to help.


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