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No Take Backs: Voters for Boulton Can’t Re-Cast Ballot

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- After news broke connecting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nate Boulton to sexual harassment claims he suspended his bid for office. The Polk County Election Office says they're already getting calls asking if votes can be recast.  The simple answer to that question is: no.

“Once you've submitted your ballot it's gotta stay there. So, voters can’t have their ballot back, they can't go to the polling site and re-vote, once you've turned your ballot in, that's it” said Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald says he doesn't see this incident impacting the early voting window in the future.

“We've already cut 11 days off the front end of early voting, and with the deadline being tomorrow for mail-in ballots we've also cut seven off the back end; so we've already shaved down early voting for voters already” he said.

However, those who already cast their ballot for Boulton, like Timothy Miller, say it could change people's voting habits.

“It seems that people who are already skeptical about voting early, it seems to reinforce a lot of those negative biases towards it. So, yeah I imagine that won't play out favorably for early voting” said Miller.

Miller says if he could, he'd take a mulligan.

“Obviously you don't want to vote for somebody who is ultimately not going to be able to deliver. So, yeah if I could take back my vote with a time machine and knowing what I do now I'd vote for somebody else” he said.

He says while he'll have to watch the primaries from the sidelines, it's not a total feeling of disenfranchisement

“It looks like we have a lot of good candidates out there so I wouldn't be entirely disenfranchised, it'll come down to whoever is facing Kim Reynolds in November” said Miller.

Miller says this experience won’t deter him from voting early in the future.

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