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Eaglets in Decorah North Nest Die Shortly After Hatching

Decorah North eaglets (WHO-HD/Raptor Resource Project)

DECORAH, Iowa  —  Both of the eaglets born at the Decorah North nest have died, the Raptor Resource Project announced on Saturday.

The RRP said both eaglets died on Friday as a result of a combination of a pathogen carried by blackflies–that “overwhelms the immune systems of young birds”–and the recent extreme heat and humidity.

Eaglet DN7 hatched on May 18th, and DN8 hatched on May 20th. The late hatches took a toll on the eaglets because their developmental stages overlapped with insect hatches and came at the same time as the hot weather conditions.

In a Facebook post, the RRP quoted one of its members named Sherri, saying, “We were given a miracle gift and got to know two eaglets who showed us their fierce and feisty nature for seven and five days…that is what I will hold onto, and the determination and dedication of these parents.”

Both parents did their best to protect the eaglets from the elements, and while the babies could not be saved, the RRP said it will continue to “love and cherish our eagles and falcons, collect information to help us understand the challenges they face, and act on their behalf.”

The Decorah eagles have gained international fame as viewers tune in to watch the live nest cam.