Extreme Heat Causing Roads to Buckle and Boosting Sales of Cold Treats

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa  --  "No Sir, I have not seen anything like that before," said Bonnie Patterson, who lives just northeast of Oskaloosa. "But then it's no surprise. We broke some heat records yesterday and today."

The extreme, record-breaking heat had roads buckling in Mahaska County, like one in the 2200 block of Oxford Avenue, just outside of Oskaloosa.

"We first noticed that there were cars coming around the buckle, up in the grass, and off towards the ditch," said Patterson. "Because they wanted to avoid that, obviously, it was standing up pretty high. I would think it might ruin a tire, very obviously."

Bonnie and her husband live right near the area where the road buckled. The Pattersons have lived in that house since 1990, and they say this is the first time they've seen this happen.

"When they broke up the pieces, they carried them off with their hands and it seemed like the concrete wasn't very thick," said Bonnie Patterson. "We lived here when they poured that new road...but I guess I thought it was just a little thicker than that."

The Pattersons say they have plenty of yard work to do, but they're going to save that for a cooler day.

"We stay inside, maybe even go to the basement to try to find something to do to stay cool," said Patterson. "It's not our kind of thing to come out on days like this."

In town, people found other ways to stay cool--like getting ice cream.

"It cools you off...absolutely," said Melanie Vermillion, who was buying ice cream at Sno Biz.

"It helps," said her husband Mike. "Swimming pool, ice cream, water, whatever you can get."

And the heat is good for business, if you're selling ice cream.

"Yeah definitely, we are usually busy around, like, eight o'clock every night," said Andy Sterner, a Sno Biz employee. "But now that it's gotten more hot and that school's out, too, throughout the district, it's been way busier from like the 1-5 (pm) range, in like the hottest part of the day."

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