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South Side of Des Moines Sees All Sorts of Damage Following Tuesday’s Storm

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Following Tuesday night’s brief but strong storm you can drive up and down the south side of Des Moines and come across all sorts of damage. Some residents say they got lucky, others not so much.

“The winds just started picking up and the leaves were bending, and my wind chimes were sounding nice…They were horizontal, I'm not sure what the gusts were, I should probably look it up, but it was howling, it was moving pretty quickly here” said Mark Gerth.

Those gusts got up over 50 miles per hour at times, but Gerth just has some minor clean up to do.

“No damage here at the house, got a few limbs down but nothing too severe” he said.

That can’t be said for everyone in Gerth's southside neighborhood. Take a drive up and down the streets and you'll see cars with smashed windshields, downed power lines, and big tree limbs crashed to the ground.

“8:30, 9 o'clock, is when I looked outside, and I saw the tree kind of had a little crack on the edge of it” said Brian Matlage

Matlage says the crack in his large oak tree must have grown overnight, because in the early hours of the morning he received a rude awakening.

“Next thing you know, about 2:30 hits and I just hear this crunching noise, like this terrible crunching noise. That line right there was hanging almost level with the ground” said Matlage.

A big limb had snapped off, brining the powerline underneath down with it.

Matlage says over the years he's had to have other oak trees removed, and the last one on his property will see the same fate.

“I got a guy coming to give a quote to find out whether or not or how much it's going to be to get it taken care of, 'cause that's not safe, having that crack leaning on that section of the tree coming this way” he said.

Mid-American Energy says at the height of the storm just under 8,500 customers lost power. By early Wednesday afternoon, power had been restored.

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