Gubernatorial Candidates Rally Supporters All Across Iowa

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URBANDALE, Iowa — All of the gubernatorial candidates were out in full force rallying ahead of the primary.

Governor Reynolds held a barbecue at her headquarters on Saturday and she continues to travel across the state on Monday.

“We signed the historic tax reform bill so it was fun to be able to sign that in Hiawatha. It was at a small business where we signed that. It was a lot of fun to do that. So we’re going to continue to travel the state. Tomorrow we will be in southwest Iowa and then up in Sioux City and then back here on Tuesday night,” Governor Kim Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the historic legislative session created a lot of momentum for her campaign.

“People talk about divisive political environment and I think in Iowa that’s not the case. Almost every priority that I had passed with bipartisan support. Three of them passed unanimously. So I think we’ve figured out a way to work together to really put Iowans first and get things done and I’m proud of that,” Gov. Reynolds said.

One of her supporters said her stance on pro-life issues is one of the reasons she’s behind the Governor.

“Some of the stuff that’s been happening with the fetal heartbeat bill, that’s been really important to me. I got to watch that in the house and in the senate, just go all the way through and so that was super important. I know that’s been really important to a lot of other people here,” Reynolds Supporter Claire TerHaar said.

The other gubernatorial candidates were also quite busy all across the state.

Cathy Glasson was in Cedar Falls.

Andy McGuire was in Guthrie County.

John Norris was in Waterloo.

Ross Wilburn was in Boone, Norwalk and Albia.

Fred Hubbell was in Waterloo, Iowa City, Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids.

Hubbell said in a statement, “Iowans know what’s taking this state backwards and it’s Governor Reynolds’ political extremism and poor fiscal management. Child abuse cases are skyrocketing because of her cuts to DHS, her Medicaid privatization is a disaster, and she just signed the most extreme anti-women’s health care law in the country that will cost the state doctors and hurt our ability to attract new jobs here.”

All of these candidates are really pushing hard during these last two days before the primary to get every last vote they can.

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