‘How Well Has She Balanced the State’s Checkbook?’ Hubbell Fires Back After Governor’s Criticism of His Wealth

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The day after Iowa's primary election brought a glimpse of what voters may hear for months before November's general election.

Iowa's Republican Governor Kim Reynolds accuses the newly-elected Democratic nominee for governor, Des Mones retired businessman and philanthropist Fred Hubbell, of being out of touch because of his wealthy upbringing. Hubbell accuses the governor of mismanaging the state's finances.

On Monday night at her campaign rally in Des Moines, Reynolds said of Hubbell, who gave nearly $3 million of his family's fortune into his campaign, "The issue isn't that Fred Hubbell has been rich his entire life. It's that he has no idea what it is like not to be. He has no idea what it is like to balance a checkbook or make the tough decisions we make each and every day when we are trying to make ends meet."

Hubbell fired back at his first campaign stop as the nominee on Tuesday morning following a tour of DMACC's Southridge campus. "How well has she balanced the state's checkbook? What do you think about that? She had a $900 million surplus four or five years ago. Now she owes $144 million (to repay money to the general fund that the legislature agreed to shift from reserves). That's a pretty bad balancing job," he said.

Hubbell also talked about his progress toward naming a running mate. When asked how much time he has spent on the decision, Hubbell responded, "Not enough yet. We've been focused on getting past the primary. Now that we've done that, we've already started the process. We've got some people involved. Now we're going to start obviously spending more attention to it."

He did not say whether he would announce his choice before Democrats hold their state convention June 16th.

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