‘Political Artist’ Defaces U.S. Army Billboard in Des Moines


DES MOINES, Iowa — For the second time this month, a U.S. Army billboard in the metro has been vandalized.

An anonymous artist wrote the words “no respect” on the billboard at Northeast 14th Street and Northeast 44th Avenue.

The artist sent the following statement to the Berrigan Catholic Worker House:

Fellow Iowans,

This is my second effort at sending an important message to my fellow Iowans’, specifically the people of Des Moines.  As long as Iowa continues to accept being part of an active war zone through the Drone Command Center, there can be “No Respect” for serving in the military in the state of Iowa. Our Iowa Drone Command Center connects Iowa to war crimes committed every day.

I encourage others to speak the truth about the power of money and lies in Iowa, and join me in this campaign. 

Concerned Christian Political Artist

Another billboard was vandalized earlier this month, that one with the message “drones kill.”