Weather Related Delays and Closings

Ames Residents Clean Up the Mess Flash Flooding Left Behind

AMES, Iowa -- Residents said they were not expecting to wake up to flooded roads, leaving some people stranded.

“It was completely unexpected for me anyways,” Ames resident Cassie Olson said.

One of Olson’s neighbors said she made several trips up and down the stair to make sure her basement didn’t flood.

“Over here it was flooded basically on our street. There was a contracting car working on the house next door and I ended up having to pull them into our garage because it was flooded,” Chelsea Gunderson Konz said.

Ames Police said it all started around 3 a.m. and progressively got worse by 7 a.m.

“That’s really at the point when we got enough rain that the storm sewer system had more than it could handle,” Ames Police Department’s Geoff Huff said.

The water receded and city crews were out all over town to do what they could.

Many Ames residents had standing water in their basements.

“She’s a little frustrated. It’s a lot of money to fix up the basement. She just fixed it up planning to sell the house in the near future and now going to have to put a lot more money into the basement she already fixed up,” Konz said.

Olson said she had about two inches of standing water in her basement and this isn’t the first time it’s happened on Wilson Avenue.

“In 2016, the water was all the way up to the handles of the door. I have family that lives across the street so I was out here carrying my son. I mean the water was coming in like a waterfall. We’ve had a lot of rain damage in this neighborhood,” Olson said.

Olson said now she and her family have to start all over again because many of their belongings were ruined.

“Just make sure you have flood insurance because you think it’s going to be covered because it is coming up through the sewer. So therefore you think it’d be covered under your renters insurance, but then it's not. Just make sure you have everything in order,” Olson said.

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