Flood Warning

Worker Rescued After Mail Truck Gets Stuck in Ames Flooding

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AMES, Iowa – Torrential rain hit Ames Thursday morning causing street flooding across the city.

At the Grand Avenue underpass a USPS truck tried to get through but stalled out in the deep water. The Ames Fire Department brought in a small boat to get rescue the driver and the mail from the truck.

Officials with the USPS say the worker is fairly new and didn't realize the water was as deep as it was. The mail on the truck did not get wet and it was transferred to another mail delivery vehicle.

Other vehicles also had problems in the same area. Rebecca Hovick from Radcliffe was on her way to work in Ames when her minivan stalled I the water. Ames police were able to help her get out of the vehicle safely.

“Oh it was scary, it wasn’t that deep, when it started out it was only a couple of inches. Just sitting there waiting for a tow. It’s gone up, several people tried to go through. Some got around, some didn’t, so I’m just glad no one got hurt with it all,” said Hovick.

The city is closely monitoring the levels of Squaw Creek and the Skunk River to stay on top of any further flooding.

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