Grassley Protests Senate Farm Bill

The Farm Bill passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee, but Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley put in a protest vote against it.

An amendment of his was denied on procedural grounds, so it will have to be talked out on the Senate floor. Without it, the bill does not ensure that farmers are the only ones who get benefits from farm programs.

As it stands, Grassley says taxpayers lose $200 million from benefits paid out to non-farmers, "It doesn't do enough to put a hard cap on the amount of money that one farmer can get from the farm program and it doesn't include the usual approach that I have got through the Senate in past years."

Grassley adds his amendment was struck from committee after passing the House and Senate in the last farm bill. The amendment this year contained nearly the same language.

Another concern Grassley brought up with the farm bill is industrial hemp. While he's in favor of legalizing it, provisions in the farm bill allow for medicinal uses of industrial hemp.

Grassley says industrial hemp does not have uniform quality, "It ought to be approved by the FDA because they have a responsibility for safety and for efficacy of the product. And I think people that purchase it, ought to not worry about buying something from a snake oil salesman."