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Des Moines Police Need Help Locating Suspect In Bar Fight

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DES MOINES, Iowa--  A suspect in an East Village bar fight is on the loose, police say, and he's wanted for questioning.

The fight happened nearly two weeks ago on the patio at the Blazing Saddle bar during the Capital City Pride Fest.  Police released graphic surveillance video of the fight.

"There is not a general violence problem here it can happen any where and have two people in some heated disagreement," Des Moines resident Meghan Obrien said.

The police report says the suspect pulled out a cell phone to record the victim.

"The person who ends up being the victim in this case starts off with some pretty bad behavior of their own," Sergeant Paul Parizek said.

That’s when the situation takes a turn, the suspect lunges at the victim, throws him to the ground and punch him six times before pouring a pitcher of beer on him.

“It’s excessive our opinion is after watching the video is that, that response was way over the top and was extremely excessive to what he was responding to," Sergeant Paul Parizek said.

The victim wants to remain anonymous but tells Channel 13 off camera that he suffered bruises to his face and, a cut to the hand.

"Thats very unfortunate, and sorry about that for the neighborhood its a nice neighborhood," Des Moines resident Mary Brookhardt said.

The suspect is on the loose, police say he faces possible assault charges.

“It doesn’t reflect at all on the business this has nothing to do with the business it was bad behavior from two individuals and it doesn’t reflect on the neighborhood either,” Sergeant Paul Parizek said.

The Blazing Saddle released this statement.

"This unfortunate incident that happened on the Blazing Saddle patio during Pridefest weekend is not a reflection nor indication of regular happenings  at  the Saddle. Saddle staff and patrons are by and large very respectful of others and avoid violence in most cases. We do our best to be good neighbors and ensure that, in the off chance that there is a problem, that it does not escalate to a point where authorities are required to intervene. This was not a hate crime, instead it was a verbal argument that became physical. The East Village has been and continues to be a generally safe area for living and recreation/nightlife. That being said, anytime there is an area of bars, restaurants, and adult recreation, there is also a need of a more visible police presence for continued safety. The safety and security of our patrons, business, and neighbors remains our utmost priority and we will continue to work with neighbors and authorities to keep the East Village a safe place to live, work and play".

If you have any information about the man in the picture, you're urged to contact local law enforcement.

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