Small Group Protests Raise for Waukee Schools Superintendent

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Waukee School Board (WHO-HD)

WAUKEE, Iowa — Waukee Community Schools superintendent Cindi McDonald is getting a pay raise, despite the opposition from some in the community.

Wednesday night the Waukee School Board approved a two-percent salary increase for the superintendent.

A small group of residents showed up at the meeting to show their displeasure with that expected decision from the board. The Waukee School District has found itself on the losing end of numerous court actions recently, costing the district more than a million dollars.

“I don’t personally agree with any percentage. I think with what’s been going on this past year and the lawsuits we’ve had to pay out and so forth, and there’s still have one coming up that has yet to be settled. I don’t think anyone deserves a raise. So, I think we need to get things settled and a more, if you will, non-corrupt school board,” said Waukee parent Lynn Hakenson.

McDonald’s two-percent pay bump matches the raise given to teachers in their contracts.

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