Rivers Push Past Banks in Minor Metro Flooding

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The rain may be gone from our forecast, but flooding concerns remain.

Heavy rain in northern Iowa has caused major flooding in some areas, but in the metro, we’re currently experiencing only minor flooding.

Flood stage on the Raccoon River at Fleur Drive is 12 feet and as of 5:45 Friday morning, river levels were at 13.46 ft. That number is expected to rise to 13.7 feet at its crest at 1:00 a.m. Saturday.

The Des Moines River at SE 6th Street reached its crest of 25.4 feet Friday morning just before 7:00. Flood stage at that location is 24 feet. Water has spilled out of the banks of the river in the area but has not caused any major damage.

The city of Des Moines has closed George Flagg Parkway between SW 30th Street and Park Avenue as a precaution.

Some trails have also been affected. The Neal Smith Trail between 6th Avenue and the Birdland Marina is closed as well as the Bill Riley Trail between Water Works Park and Walnut Creek Trail.

Local authorities are still reminding people not to drive through areas where water is going over the road.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources is warning paddlers to stay off bloated rivers. Rising rivers can produce strong currents and cause problems for even experienced paddlers.

Since May 1st, DNR officials say five people have been rescued from the Des Moines River during high water conditions. For now, they encourage anyone wanting to canoe or kayak to use one of Iowa's many lakes until the river levels return to normal.