Iowa Democrats Give Hubbell-Hart Ticket Push at Hall of Fame Ceremony

ALTOONA, Iowa  --  While honoring Democrats for their past accomplishments at their hall of fame ceremony Saturday, the party is looking to the future, and that immediate future is the looming showdown between Governor Reynolds and the Fred Hubbell-Rita Hart ticket.

The Iowa state senator focused her speech on the ticket's education policy.

“We're going to fight to fully fund our schools, expand affordable higher education, and restore collective bargaining!” declared Senator Hart.

Following Senator Hart, Hubbell took the stage to take aim at Governor Reynolds’ record and fire up his base.

“A record of fiscal mismanagement, a record of misguided priorities, a record of an extreme agenda on all the health and social issues in our state. Earlier this week she said I'm running to undo everything she's been doing, and she's right!” said Hubbell.

Meanwhile, Hubbell was getting support from another governor, the night's keynote speaker, Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

“We are so excited around the country for Fred, he's a perfect person right now to be governor. He's a dignified person, he's been a successful business leader, he's been a supporter of a whole bunch of good public policy issues from clean water to standing up for women's rights. We are excited about him and we have a tremendous opportunity to win here,” said Inslee.

Inslee says during the push to the general, the party needs to come together.

“We know that we have to be united, we've got to restore order, we have to have some push-back from some things in Washington D.C., Fred Hubbell has united this party,” said Inslee.

In addition to speeches made by those seeking election, the Iowa Democratic Party  honored civil rights activist Mary Campos as outstanding supporter, and former Secretary of State Elaine Baxter as outstanding elected official.