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Metro Man Scrambles to Combat Flood Damage, Cleaning Companies See More Work

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  After record high rainfall in recent days, cleanup efforts are underway in the basements of hundreds of homes across the metro.

Since the first big rain, a Des Moines flood restoration company has seen an increase in their calls for service.

People like Doug Hesseltine need their help.

“I kicked into crisis mode and started moving this and started moving that," Hesseltine said.

Home video from Monday evening showed just how “squishy” Hesseltine's carpet was.

“There were a few inches of water found out it was coming from the tile system didn’t even realize I had a tile system here," Hesseltine said.

Most of Hesseltine’s belongings were already in plastic bins because this has happened before.

“This happened about two years ago," he said. “A little bit of disbelief and anger, some yelling on my end."

This is the 20 time this week alone Mike Hambly and his crews at Dream Steam have assessed flood damage cleanup.

“We have an extraction crew that extracts the water and pulls the pad out if it needs to be removed, which is normal," Hambly said.

For the average basement, Hambly said cleanup could cost up to $6,000.

“It starts to smell and bacteria begins to grow, and it develops into mold and the mold will start walking its way up the wall," Hambly said.

Hesseltine says his driveway floods every time it rains, and his neighbor has also experienced flooding in the past. Both hope upgrading the drain system will fix the problem.

Hesseltine has drain backup insurance, but is unsure whether that’s specific for sump.

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