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Fate of North High School Pool in Limbo

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The future of the North High School pool is in question, with district leaders saying it costs too much to operate.

On Thursday night, the district held a public meeting about the pool's future, which will likely come down to numbers. The district says the pool costs $200,000 to operate per year. Despite the expense, there are only four people on this year's girls swim team and only 31 students who took swim class for P.E. The district says closing the pool and creating a multi-use room would serve many more students.

Pool supporters says the district used numbers that aren't accurate and that the pool serves the North Side Otters Swim Club, we well as the entire community.

"One of the things that the school district needs to remember is that even though there might be a small percentage of students that swim in the Otters, that is a program that is open to anybody of any level at an affordable cost," said Des Moines resident Stacey Stecker-Jones.

The district says converting the pool to a multi-use space would cost about $250,000 dollars, and building a new gym would top $4 million.

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