Sen. Ernst Comments on President Trump’s Task to Pick New Supreme Court Justice

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Senator Joni Ernst (WHO-HD)

WASHINGTON D.C. – Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he’ll retire from the court Wednesday. The conservative judge provided the key swing vote on some controversial issues like same sex-marriage, abortion access and affirmative action.

This mean’s President Donald Trump will have the chance to appoint a second Supreme Court justice during his term.

Democrats are calling for a vote on any nominee to come after the mid-term elections, but Republicans are eager to get another conservative voice on the court.

The situation has been compared to when Republicans refused to allow a vote on a nominee by President Obama, following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, during Obama’s last year in office.

Iowa senator Joni Ernst says that because this is not a presidential election year, it’s up to President Trump to nominate someone.

“The Senate does not choose the nominee, it is the President who chooses the nominee. Completely different situations. The Senate is the body that will confirm a nominee but it is the President who makes that choice. And then it’s up to the Senate to debate those nominations,” said Ernst.

Iowa’s other senator, Chuck Grassley, will have an important part in appointing the new justice as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Now that it happened it gives the president an opportunity to appoint a person… my committee is going to have to review that person in the process of the senate confirming, if we want to confirm… and it’s going to be a very busy summer,” said Grassley.

Two of the people on the short list to fill Justice Kennedy’s spot are Iowans: Iowa Supreme Court Justice Edward Mansfield and Judge Steven Colloton, who sits on the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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