Flood Warning

Clive Residents Recover From 3 Feet Deep Flood Water

Flooding in Clive. (WHO-HD)

CLIVE, Iowa–  The city of Clive experienced major flooding Saturday night.

It caused some residents to evacuate and leave everything.

But this is not the first time 78th and University have flooded.

“It’s frustrating once in a great while that’s not a big deal but this area has a long history of flooding but, I was not expecting every two years,” resident Sead Doric said.

Cars did not make it through the deep flood water, as it moved fast through the neighborhood.

“We had two digital presses that actually floated up and tipped over we had about three feet of water in the building,” Lary Beaver said.

Like other residents, Kayla Lord returns to sift through the damage.

“It’s scary we weren’t even in town when this was going on,” Lord said. “We currently don’t have any water in the house, but everything is covered with mud.”

The community is coming together to help each other out.

“We have been here for two years this is our first time dealing with this for a decade third time going through this we have got some support around us which is nice, it’s going to be a long haul but we will get through it,” Lord said.


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