Over 100 Displaced From Pleasant Hill Mobile Park

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PLEASANT HILL, Iowa — Ruth Jackson says the rains were heavy Saturday night in Pleasant Hill, but the real water didn’t accumulate until Sunday morning.

“My neighbor came back and woke me up and said they were evacuating us so, that was it and I didn’t get to get much” she said.

That was around 7 a.m. Jackson left the Pleasant Valley Mobile Park with the clothes on her back, and her dog; but by the time she returned with her son the police officer on duty said it was too dangerous to get more belongings.

“I had asked him if there was any way anybody could get in the trunk of my car, cause I don’t know what it looks like down there now, so I could have my walker, and he said that there wasn’t any way anybody could go get in there” said Jackson.

Chuck Bruce also had to evacuate.

“When we got up this morning and turned on the TV and fixed coffee we looked out the window and water was coming up the street, and a neighbor said you better get out and it just got worse and worse and worse” said Bruce.

Bruce was able to get out, and get back in to grab the essentials.

“We had the floods three or four years ago and it only got ankle deep, we’re in a higher spot thank the lord” said Bruce.

The area lies in a flood zone, but both Jackson and Bruce say when they moved in years ago, nobody told them that until after they moved in.

“After I moved in they told me it was a possibility, but they didn’t think so. It makes me upset, because I probably wouldn’t have settled down in here if I’d have known it flooded” said Jackson.

The park has recently come under new management. The park manager says she makes it a point to tell all prospective residents the area is a flood zone, and that residents should carry flood insurance.

According to management there are a little over a 100 people displaced. Some of those are with are staying with relatives, some like Chuck Bruce are staying in shelters.

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