Urbandale Family Looking to Adopt Shows Compassion Towards Osceola Adoptive Parents

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CLIVE, Iowa -- Mallory Robinson and her husband, Jay are in the process of adopting a two - and - a - half year old boy from Africa. From overseas, the bond is already beginning to form.

"He is super spunky. He loves to dance. He loves music," smiles Mallory.

The family is seven months into the adoption process with at least another twelve months to go. Money made from this weekend's garage sale will help bring their son, Liam, home.

"We want to show others that good and honest people are adopting and so can tons of others," she says.

Countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana are considering shutting off international adoption to the U.S. after too many reports of child abuse and neglect. Last Monday, an Osceola couple was arrested after police say they abused their two adopted children from Ghana . Their alleged actions could keep families, like the Robinson's from adopting.

"We need to have agencies on both sides that before, during and after the adoption that are thoroughly investigating families and looking into things."

The Robinson's admit they've asked the question "why" of the Fry's but they are choosing to show compassion towards them. According to Simpson Athletics, the Fry's Alma Mater, they are actively involved in their church. The Robinson's are too. Mallory says it's easy for others to shame believers for their alleged actions but she says the best thing to do is simple.

"I'm praying for them and whatever caused those circumstances. I pray that those come to light and they are able to work through them."

The adoption will cost the Robinson's about $50,000. So far about $15,000 has been raised. The garage sale continue on Sunday from noon until 5 p.m. at the Seven Flags Events Center in Clive.


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