Forecast for Saylorville Lake Level Drops Again

Saylorville Lake flooding July 1, 2018, (WHO-HD)

SAYLORVILLE LAKE – The latest Saylorville Lake forecast from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers appears to be good news for those downstream of the dam on the Des Moines River.

Tuesday morning, the projections of the lake’s crest dropped another two feet. As of 11:00 a.m. the lake is predicted to crest at 886.61 feet on July 8th. That’s about two feet less than a prediction from earlier in the day, which had the lake reaching a level of 888.02 feet.

Water levels are still expected to top the emergency spillway, which is 884 feet, but the Corps doesn’t predict they’ll go over the pneumatic flood gates. Raising those gates gives the lake another six feet to work with before an uncontrolled release from the lake.

Monday, the Corps announced several more closures to areas around the lake. No boat ramps remain open and some camping and shelter areas are also closed.