Weather Related Delays and Closings

Sweet Corn Season Kicks Off in Iowa

Penick's Sweet Corn stand (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — One thing seemingly unaffected by the flooding in central Iowa is the sweet corn crop. Both Penick`s Sweet Corn and Deardorff Sweet Corn were picking and selling like normal.

They say the flooding did not affect the corn, it just made for a little extra work.

“The soil is soft, it takes several days for it to soak in and firm up again. So, our tractors are making ruts in the field that we`ll have to smooth out later,” says Ron Deardorff.

He says their fields in Adel got a little less than three inches of rain. That was still enough to get a tractor briefly stuck in the mud Monday morning.

Penick`s sweet corn fields are located on top of a hill south of the metro, so they had very little water in their fields.

Right now, they’re selling the early variety of corn, the long season corn is for sale around July 20th.

“It’s the better tasting corn, this is good corn, but the longer season has the better fill period and puts more sugar into the corn and makes it taste a little bit better,” Mike Penick says.

Both sweet corn stands are open until September.

Penick’s Sweet Corn stand is located south of the metro at 370-386, US-69, Carlisle.

The Deardorff Sweet Corn Shack is in Adel on the east side of Highway 169 just south of the bike trail.