Windsor Heights Crews and Residents Spend the Day Cleaning Up

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa  --  Public works crews are cleaning up after floodwaters ripped through Windsor Heights' Colby Park, where much of the community gathers.

"We have the event center, community center, which holds multiple events. We are booked almost solid throughout the rest of the year," said Windsor Heights Mayor Dave Burgess. "Our ball park, which is off to my right shoulder, is used by many little league teams for practices and other games. It’s totally destroyed at this point in time. All the mulch and everything you see around here is basically contaminated by the flood, so we are trying to keep the kids out of it until we can get this recovered to a certain point."

The city is also assisting residents in their cleanup efforts by hauling off affected items.

“We’ve got our contractor coming in, they’re going to start on 73rd picking it up, and they will continue as far as they can. We had to share with another community that was getting that done today. Also, so we’ve got them coming in this afternoon, they will go as far as they can and they’ll come back on Thursday probably with more than one truck,” Burgess said.

Tim Wells, a Windsor Heights resident, said he came home from Florida to a basement full of mud.

“I had my older brother start cleaning before I got home and he did the worst of it," he said. "He drug all the furniture outside and I have a dump trailer here. We started putting stuff in the dump trailer, and when I got home yesterday we just started working on basically cleaning the floors and hosing the mud out of the house."

Wells said he lost everything.

“If I had to guess at what I’m out right now, I’m going to say $250,000 between my motorcycles," he said. "I had two motorcycles in the lower level garage, my flooring equipment, clothing, sheet rock, and all the appliances."

He said cleanup has been stressful.

“It’s emotional for me. The sheet rock and the furniture, that kind of stuff, it’s just gone. That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me. The emotional part for me is just my friends that want to come and help. That’s the hard part,” Wells said.

Thursday is the last day flood items will be picked up by the curb.

City officials are asking for volunteers to gather at Colby Park on Saturday between 9 a.m and noon with a shovel or rake; other supplies will be provided.

Fireworks festivities at Colby Park have been canceled for Tuesday night, but Wednesday's Fourth of July parade is still set to take place at 2 p.m.

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