Weather Related Delays and Closings

The Insiders with Dave Price, July 1st Edition (Pre-Empted)

Flash flooding coverage on Sunday, July 1st pre-empted our regular airing of The Insiders with Dave Price.

Dave was joined by local Latino activist Joe Henry to talk about immigration issues both national and local.

Governor Kim Reynolds keeps a unique political relationship with Iowa's outspoken and controversial Congressman Steve King.  Here's what Reynolds said about it last week:

It was a week of finger pointing and name-calling between the White House and Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  Here's a review of their back-and-forth.

Governor Kim Reynolds recently shared some stories about her "training" to become a candidate and who she was often mistaken for.

Finally, Melissa Gesing from "50-50 in 2020" joined Dave to talk about civility in politics ... and if it will ever return.