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Barnstormer Aircraft Tour Stops in Ames

AMES, Iowa  --  Eleven vintage restored bi-planes are at the Ames Airport this week, on display and open to the public as part of the 2018 American Barnstormers Tour.

The planes are stopping at Midwest airports on the way to the Oshkosh Air Show.

“This tour was founded in 2006 with the mission to get people to come out to the local airports to see the origination of modern flight,” said Jill Manka, a Barnstormer Tour promoter. “We also want to get people open to these gorgeous vintage airplanes. There’s a big difference between traveling in an airplane and going flying.”

"The Traveler Company built 1600 of these airplanes from 1925 to 1930,” said Rob 'Waldo' Lock. “It was designed by a gentleman named Lloyd Stearman, the marketer was a man named Walter Beach, of Beechcraft, and the financers of the company, Clyde Cessna.”

There are also rides available for purchase, but Tuesday is the last day they will be in town.

If you would like to know more about the Barnstormer Tour, click here.