Metro Home Appliance Store Floods, Continues With Service Calls

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa  --  The threat of flooding at Saylorville Dam may be over for now, but the headache of repairing flood-damaged homes in the metro continues.

City Wide Heating and Air Conditioning has taken hundred of calls from flood victims who are turning to them for help replacing their appliances.

"We're keeping up. We may be running hours behind, but we're not running days behind," says owner Bob Doty.

Doty and his team's attention is divided, helping homeowners while trying to help themselves. The business flooded, totaling more than a dozen service trucks and causing nearly $500,000 in damaged equipment and materials. Doty says 10 tons of sheet metal got wet and is now unusable.

"Once it gets wet, it chalks. It oxidizes and turns white, so you pitch it out."

However, operations to help homeowners hasn't slowed down; all service and installing  technicians are out in the field. Business is usual despite working with downed phone and computer systems and having to outsource supplies by nearby vendors.

"Were doing it as fast as we can for everyone, trying to reach everybody that's in dire straights," Doty says.

Doty is trying to remain optimistic as he sorts out the what the near future will look like for his business. He says it's all about perspective and patience--two things he's learned to keep during his 51 years in business.

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! We'll deal with each issue as we go," he laughs.

The business did have flood insurance, but it only protects the building and not the materials inside. Insurance is only covering about $25,000 of the $500,000 in damages. Doty says it will take a couple of years for the business to recovery financially.

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