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Cement Truck Falls Into Sinkhole in Des Moines Neighborhood

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A cement truck had an unexpected pit stop on Friday when it fell into a sinkhole.

The ground gave way under the weight of the truck, but the driver made it out okay. The affected sewer system is reportedly old and made of wood.

Chuck Burrell with Des Moines Public Works said this type of event is very unusual.

"This is very, very rare," he said. "If you look around town you'll see a whole bunch of sewers going in now and you'll see big, gigantic concrete structures. We absolutely do not have wood sewers. Like I said, this is very, very uncommon. It's the only one left in our city, and as you can see this is an older neighborhood, and you can see what was put in."

Burrell said a new plate will be put over the sinkhole until repairs can be made. He also said most most sewers run under roads, so yards in that neighborhood should be safe.