Bottled Water Advisory Issued for Greenfield After Water System Potentially Contaminated

GREENFIELD, Iowa  --  A bottled water advisory has been issued for the city of Greenfield due to algae in the water system.

Water in the town is not safe for drinking, cooking, or brushing teeth, and residents are urged to instead use bottled water.

The algae was detected in tests conducted earlier on Tuesday. The city says Lake Greenfied, the source of the town's drinking water, is currently experiencing an algae bloom.

Officials warn not to boil the water, as it will not destroy the algae and could make it become more concentrated.

The Adair County Fair begins on Wednesday, and officials are working on a plan to provide usable water for large animals being shown during the event. Contact a veterinarian if any pets or livestock show signs of illness from drinking the affected water.

Test results are expected to come back on Wednesday afternoon, at which time officials will be able to determine a plan of how to proceed.