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West Des Moines Athletes Learn Proper Training in District Conditioning Camp

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – West Des Moines Community Schools holds conditioning camp for students to teach him or her about the basics when it comes to training.

140 middle school students in the district are registered for “Tiger Tough.”

Personal Trainer Flynn Heald said for six weeks the students focus on building strength.

“We need to teach these kids how to move efficiently and properly. Teaching them to have proper foot work, good body control, hand-eye coordination, those are kind of the essential movements of an athlete. So these are the drills we have reiterated with the kids,” Heald said.

Heald said there are different drills for different body parts.

8th Grade Student Nolan Van Waus said he has seen a difference since starting the camp.

“I’ve been practicing with it. Practicing with basketball and it definitely made me stronger,” Van Waus said.

Some drills the students focus on include: torso development, speed strength training and agility.

Indian Hills Basketball and Football Coach Mark Schilb said one goal is to teach students the proper way to train so he or she doesn’t injure themselves.

“As coaches and parents, everybody has expectations on them of training and improving performance and trying to decrease the chance of getting hurt. We are trying to lay the fundamentals and foundation for that in middle school,” Schilb said.

Schilb said with its success in the camp, he hopes to school continues to the camp next year.

The camp meets three times a week for an hour. It costs $60, but financial aid is also accepted. The student athletes receive a camp t-shirt with registration.

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