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Ackley Police Say Abuse was Apparent Prior Months Leading Up to Arrest

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House where alleged abuse happened in Ackley. (WHO-HD)

ACKLEY, Iowa–  Cheyenne Haugen lives across from where the eight year old boy was being abused.

“It’s crazy, I know their dogs got loose but they were always outside, and it seemed like a very happy home,” Haugen said.

Inside the affidavit says Traci Tyler and Alex Shadlow abused Shadlow’s eight year old son.

From July 2017 to September 2017 both confined the eight-year-old to a six by six area under the basement stairs.

Forcing him to use a tin coffee can as a toilet and denied him regular access to food.

“They do not deserve to reproduce what they did to that child will affect them for years,” Haugen said.

Back in June 2017 police were called to this home more than ten times on reports of child welfare.

“Got called again that the boy was being punished, he was carrying weights making multiple circles around the garage at that time we contacted the DCI,” Ackley Police Chief Brian Shimon said.

During that response, Shadlow told police the punishment was to get the boy to stop lying and stealing.

Police records show, Traci Tyler told police she had contacted DHS for help taking care of the boy.

The alleged abuse was happening across the street from the boy’s school. The affidavit says the boy was released from his confinement every day to attend classes.

In September, weeks after the start of the 2017-2018 school year teachers reported to DHS.

The boy showed signs of repeated food seeking, low body weight and hair loss. That same month the boy was removed from the home.

Police say the boy is safe and living in foster care.

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