Flood Warning

Marshalltown Businesses Work to Recover, Fearing Unknown

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa  --  Roads are reopening and the power is slowing being restored across much of Marshalltown.

One resident says he's lucky to see the progress. Mike Steffen's business located off Main Street took a direct hit, but his home didn’t.

“We had rain plastering the window on the front door. I quickly locked the front door, and the door was rattling from the wind," said Steffen.

Like other businesses on Main Street, The Tax Palace does not have a basement.

“We went in there and found a table, it was maybe four feet by four feet, stuff piled all over it, so we dove underneath there," Steffen said.

Appraisers met with Steffen to assess the damage; Steffen says he's glad his home did not take a hit.

Other business owners say they aren’t so lucky. The owners of Zeno’s Pizza say they have damage to both their businesses and home.

“Our home, we had a gigantic oak tree fall on the roof. It penetrated the roof and our kitchen is destroyed and part of our living space, as well," Michele Buzbee said.

The Buzbees say Zeno’s Pizza and their other business experienced no serious damage, but like others they say they're glad the community is helping to recover.

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