RAGBRAI Rolls On as Wilton Residents Prepare Festivities

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IOWA  --  RAGBRAI co-founder Donald Kaul passed away on Sunday, but the legacy he created lives on and was enjoyed by thousands on Monday.

Day two of the ride across the state started in Denison and ended 72 miles away in Jefferson. This was the longest leg of the week-long ride.

Tuesday's route, which spans 62 miles, will bring riders into central Iowa with an overnight stop in Ames.

The small town of Wilton is eagerly awaiting RAGBRAI's arrival.

"I think it's huge. Our town looks nice as it is, but we want to make it look fantastic," said an excited resident.

The community is proud of the town and eager to show it off to visitors. When RAGBRAI arrives on Saturday, Wilton will see its population jump from about 2,899 to more than 14,000. A huge street party is planned with music, vendors, and food, including 100 gallons of ice cream.

Wilton residents say they plan to do it right.

"It's one of our special events that we do here in Iowa, and so if we can help celebrate that, we're all in."

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