Pork Processor Damaged By Tornado Working To Minimize Impact

In the Iowa tornadoes last week, a key central Iowa pork processor was hit.

Iowa Pork Producer Association President Pat McGonegle was up in Marshalltown this weekend to visit JBS. He says part of the cold storage was damaged, which is located in the distribution center and part of the floor of the processing facility took a little damage.

That poses a problem, the Marshalltown facility is a key market for Iowa and any delays have to be re-routed to Ottumwa, Iowa or Worthington, Minnesota.

Despite that, McGonegle says work has been done to minimize the impact to pork producers, "JBS has done a wonderful job in communicating with producers on where to move the pigs to, what the impacts will be. There was a lot of coordination that needed to happen. And they've done a really good job at that. So, I think for producers: Be a little patient, understanding."

In a statement released last week, JBS says, "Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries to our team members who were at the facility when the storm hit. We continue to assess the situation and will work alongside the Marshalltown community to get through this difficult time."