Civic Center Finally Rolling Out Red Carpet Renovations

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  "Hamilton" has left town and Des Moines Performing Arts is not going to miss its shot to make some upgrades to their facilities.

One week after one of the biggest tours to ever visit Des Moines left town the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines is now under construction.  The theater is getting some much need upgrades along its 3rd Street and Locust Street sides.

Bollards are being added to protect pedestrians from traffic, the loading dock is being expanded and the "red carpet" of bricks that starts at Cowles Common will be continued all the way to the front door of the theater.

Des Moines Performing Arts says its important for its facilities to add to the community inside and out.  "The Civic Center has been a cultural gem for Des Moines for 40 years and its our responsibility to look at Cowles Common and the Civic Center and make sure we are being the best stewards we can with those," said Jonathan Brendemuehl with Des Moines Performing Arts.

In addition to the upgrades on the ground the theater is also adding a new digital billboard.