Madrid City Council Voted Against Mayor’s Motion To Fire Police Chief

MADRID, Iowa--  Thursday, the Mayor of Madrid Kurt Kruse called for a special meeting to terminate the Madrid Police Chief Rick Tasler.

Residents who attended were upset.

“Absolutely that’s why we are wearing blue, I support all three of our officers," Madrid resident Tony Ortiz said.

The council voted and unanimously decided Chief Tasler would keep his job.

“Why he did it breaks my heart Mayor Kruse and I were very close and, he was very clear that he wanted the sheriff’s department to take control," Madrid Police Chief Tasler said.

Interim Mayor Kruse couldn’t give us a clear reason.

“I am definitely in favor of him not being the Police Chief of Madrid," Mayor Kruse said.

This meeting coincides with pending litigation against the Madrid Police Department.

Glen Downey is the attorney representing two people who say Madrid officers used excessive force.

“I think they would be disappointed as well obviously they have had personal interactions with the chief and other officers and those haven’t been particularly positive,” Attorney Glen Downey said.

Until then, this town of nearly 2,600 people will be protected by their own local law enforcement.

Glen Downey says there could be future litigation.

As a result, the police department's insurance could be dropped.