Police Still Searching for Suspect in Hit and Run That Killed Cyclist

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Police said witnesses and evidence helped immensely in identifying the suspect who hit and killed 56-year-old bicyclist Darrel Ford.

The crash happened at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway early Saturday morning.

“What we were able to determine was that the car was a rental car from Noble Ford, and the last know driver is a person by the name of Anthony McGilvery,” Sgt. Paul Parizek said.

Parizek says police understand drivers can get scared when crashes happen, but they need to interview McGilvery to get one last piece of information in the case.

“When you look at the forensic evidence at the scene and you look at the witness statements, and what we've learned so far from reviewing video is that this was most likely an unavoidable accident. The only thing that makes this a criminal incident is the fact that he left without providing any aid or any information,” Parizek said.

Even though the incident may have been unavoidable, Parizek says it's important for everyone to be cautious.

"I ride like I'm invisible. I ride with the mindset that nobody sees me, and that kind of guides me safely," he said. "There are times when we are going to have to share the road, and I'm counting on that driver to have their head up and be obeying the laws and to pass me safely. So there's a lot of courtesy and good manners that go into us moving around the city safely together."

The City of Des Moines is working on ways to make both motorists and bicyclists more comfortable sharing the road.

"The thing that connects you to where your destination is, is the street. And so eventually, all people who ride trails have to be on the street at some point. So we are trying to create a place and a system of bicycle paths and trails and on-street facilities where people are safe and where they are comfortable," said Jeff Wiggins with the City of Des Moines.

Just one block away from where this tragic crash took place, the city put a special bike signal in so cyclists can cross safely.

"Because Ingersoll already had the facility located along that corridor, that’s why it got that extra level of protection and a signalized intersection. On Woodland, that’s not the case, but it's something that could be considered moving forward," Wiggins said.

Police are still searching for McGilvery and the red 2018 Ford Edge they believe has front-end driver side damage and windshield damage. Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 515-223-1400.

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