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With Jack Janda’s Sentencing Just Days Away, Nephew of Motorcycle Crash Victim Speaks Out

POLK CITY, Iowa  --  "I get it's a guilty plea, and I guess that should be closure for my family," said John Allen. "But he's not taking any responsibility."

In May, Jack Janda accepted a plea deal for his role in a crash that killed motorcyclist Joe Davis two years ago. Janda entered an Alford plea of guilty to homicide by vehicle - reckless driving. The Alford plea means Janda maintains his innocence, but acknowledges prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him.

However, Allen, Davis' nephew, believes the plea deal is allowing Janda to get away with murder.

"He's probably gonna get some silly little sentence beyond probation or serve two years out of whatever, and he'll be free to go," said Allen.

Allen sees what happened near Polk City in 2016 as pretty cut and dry, and doesn't understand why Janda is not facing more serious consequences for his actions.

"Driving recklessly in a construction zone, ran my uncle off the road to where he had no choice whether to lay down his bike and go head first into a van, which had a family in it," said Allen. "We have witnesses. He (Janda) drives away. They question him within hours at his home and nothing's done."

With the plea deal, which Allen was against, the charges of vehicular homicide by OWI and leaving the scene of an accident were dropped.

Allen doesn't get it, and wants answers and justice for his late uncle.

"I see it on the news all the time, where they're searching, they're offering rewards, who did this hit and run," said Allen. "You know? We're gonna get this guy. It was blatant, you know...and then when they have a chance, they have a guy, with witnesses right there, they walk away."

Channel 13 reached out to the Polk County Attorney for comment, but John Sarcone said he is waiting until after sentencing to speak about this case.

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