Parkside East Tenants Return Home One Month After Being Displaced by Flooding

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- After a long and difficult month, 2nd and 3rd floor residents of the Parkside East Apartments, on East Douglas Ave, were finally able to come back home today.

"That`s one thing I`m definitely happy about is actually finally being home," said tenant Amy Pittman.

Folks from Conlin Properties Inc., the company that manages the apartments, welcomed families home with signs, high-fives, hugs, and tears. The process of getting to this point was difficult.

"If they had nowhere else to go, they were either in a shelter or even in hotels, but that's still not home," said J.B. Conlin, Chief Operating Officer of Conlin Properties. "So, we wanted to do what we could to get them back as quick as possible, but we had to make sure that the buildings were safe, we had our upgrades in place. And, so, it took us that full month."

And while the wait was hard, the residents we spoke with understand and appreciate the work that was done to make sure it was safe for them to come back home.

"I give a big applause to Conlin for at least doing that," said Pittman. "You know, safety of the people, so, even though it took so long..."

Resident Stephon Shabazz got a job with Iowa Demolition after the flooding and helped cleanup the mess.

"I actually live on the second floor, and I didn't really lose anything," said Shabazz. "But, some of the people I know on the bottom floor, it just really broke my heart to happen to carry their stuff that they could not take and just dump it. Just throw it all away, from clothes to anything else, personal items. It's just something about that that just really touched me."

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