Judge Sentences Jack Janda to 10 Years in Prison for Causing Death of Motorcyclist Joe Davis

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In room 208 of the Polk County Courthouse on Friday Afternoon, friends and family of Jack Janda talked about the impact the death of Joe Davis has had on him.

"I have spoken with Jack many times since this occurred," said Kathleen Deal, former Assistant Iowa Attorney General. "Every time I have personally observed his sadness, and sorrow about the death of this man."

Davis lost his life near Polk City in 2016.

Authorities said Janda hit Davis' motorcycle in a construction zone, and then left the scene of the accident.

"This incident that took place in October of '16 has exacerbated his depression and anxiety disorder," said Michelle McGovern, Janda's Wife.

Davis' family members were not moved by those remarks.

"I have to say from the bottom of my heart and I speak for my family, and his friends, I hope you rot in hell," said Davis' brother John, while looking directly at Janda.

In May, Janda entered an Alford plea of guilty to vehicular homicide by reckless driving, which means Janda maintains his innocence, but acknowledges prosecutors have enough evidence for a conviction.

"And this stupid plea deal," said John Allen, Davis' Nephew, while addressing Janda. "Oh, I think you probably have enough to convict me. I`m never gonna take responsibility for it. Remorse? His wife was up here talking about remorse. There`s no remorse in that. That`s coward. You should be ashamed of yourself."

At sentencing, Janda again maintained his innocence.

"I did not observe this accident take place, nor was I aware that an accident involving Mr. davis had occurred," said Janda.

After hearing and considering it all, District Court Judge Robert Hanson gave Janda the maximum sentence possible, which the state had recommended, and Davis' family members had asked for.

And Judge Hanson told Janda directly that he did not believe him, and did not feel sorry for him.

"I am offended that you are trying to make me feel sorry for you," said Judge Hanson. "You are responsible for the position that you`re in right now. No one else. No family. No friends. No lawyers, defense or prosecutors, no judge."


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