Police Still Seeking Suspect in Fatal Bicycle Accident

DES MOINES, Iowa — Investigators are still looking for 32-year-old Anthony McGilvrey.

A warrant for his arrest for leaving the scene of an accident causing death has been issued.

Police say McGilvrey hit and killed 56-year-old Darrel Ford on July 28th while he was on his bike near MLK and Woodland.

Police found the SUV they say was involved in the incident abandoned near Mitchellville Friday. That same day, police arrested McGilvrey’s wife because they say she allowed him to drive even though he did not have a license.

Investigators believe she and others may be helping him hide.

“This whole thing probably would’ve been over at the scene. Because all indications and all evidence that we have is that this was a tragic accident. It most likely was an unavoidable crash. The choice he made to leave is what made it criminal,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Police say if the suspect doesn’t turn himself in soon — they will arrest the others who they believe are helping him hide.

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