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Bad Drivers in Des Moines? Motorists React to New Study

DES MOINES, Iowa — No matter where you drive you’ll find speeders, people who fail to signal, and the ever-annoying driver who cuts you off; but according to a new study you might see it more in Des Moines. The study, conducted by insurance company Insurify, lists Des Moines number eight on a list of cities with the worst drivers.

The study compared city population with the number of motorists with speeding tickets, DUIs, moving violations, and at-fault accidents. The data shows that you’re 88% more likely to get a speeding ticket than an average driver and 28% more likely to be in an at-fault accident.

Charlie Grooms is an out of towner driving from Seattle back home to Indiana. He says through his trip he’s noticed something about drivers in the metro.

“I think for the most part it’s patience, people don’t seem to have the patience to let things develop on the road, it’s just ‘I gotta get here and I’m gonna go there’” said Grooms.

So now the question is why does Iowa have one of the lowest auto insurance rates in the Country?

Insurance agent Mike Lane says it’s because of competition in the industry, and because Iowan’s are less likely to sue each other over accidents than in other states. Despite the poor ranking, some people feel like drivers in Des Moines aren’t all that bad.

“It’s nothing compared to Dallas, Texas. I was just there a couple of days ago and you really appreciate up in this part of the country once you leave out of Dallas. You’re sitting in traffic forever, you see all kinds of accidents, fender benders. I’d take Des Moines anytime over going out of this state” said Mary Kirkpatrick.

The three worst cities were Omaha, Nebraska, Dover, Delaware, and Greer, South Carolina.

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